Wichita, Kansas



About Wichita

  • Grid square: EM17
  • Population, Wichita: 390,000
  • Population, Wichita Metro Area: 592,000
  • Altitude: 1,300 feet
  • Average July temperature: 91 degrees high, 69 degrees low
  • Average July humidity: 78% morning, 42% afternoon, 59% average
  • Wichita is known as the "Air Capital of the World" and is the birthplace of Pizza Hut and White Castle fast-food chains.


Unique Attractions


There is an abundance of things to do and sights to see in the Wichita area for all Conference attendees and family members.  Here is a small selection:

Botanica, The Wichita Gardens (https://botanica.org/)

Botanica was opened to the public in May 1987 to generate enthusiasm for horticulture and enlighten people through educational, artistic, and cultural experiences. With this mission, Botanica’s gardens and programs expand public awareness of horticulture, educate Kansans about how nature can improve their daily lives, and assist in the promotion of community development.

Sedgwick County Zoo (https://www.scz.org/)

The Sedgwick County Zoo is home to 3,000 individual animals of nearly 400 species. These residents are grouped geographically and in settings that duplicate their natural habitats. Exhibits include: Africa, Asia, North America, Tropics, Children’s Farms, Amphibians and Reptiles, Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat, Cessna Penguin Cove, The Downing Gorilla Forest, Slawson Family Tiger Trek and the South America and Australia, which is among the largest walk-through aviaries in the United States.

Exploration Place The Sedgwick County Science & Discovery Center(http://exploration.org/)

Kansas’ Premier Science Center whose mission is to inspire a deeper interest in science through creative and fun experiences for people of all ages.

Old Cowtown Museum (http://www.oldcowtown.org)

Connect with history through artifacts in Cowtown's 10,000-piece permanent collection - textiles, furnishings, furniture, tools, art - that are proudly maintained by Historic Wichita Cowtown, Inc. Cowtown's unique programming tells the story of Wichita's transformation from a frontier settlement to a cattle town to an agricultural and manufacturing area. Wichita's storied past is vividly brought to life through daily activities, special events and education programs

Museum of World Treasures (https://worldtreasures.org/)

Where can you discover stories of crusty bones and long-lost creatures, marvel at Egyptian mummies, uncover the secrets of ancient civilizations, and enter the battlefields of World Wars? The Museum of World Treasures! With three floors of exhibits and surprises around every corner, you'll unlock the stories of the past!

Wichita Art Museum (https://www.wichitaartmuseum.org/)

The Wichita Art Museum brings people, ideas, and American art together to enrich lives and build community.   Founded in 1935, the museum has a distinguished history in South Central Kansas and the Midwest.

Henry J. Allen House (https://flwrightwichita.org/)

Commissioned in 1916 and completed in 1918, Frank Lloyd Wright's Allen House is named after its first owners, newspaper publisher Henry Allen and his wife, Elsie. It was the last of the architect's famous prairie houses, which emphasized horizontal lines, earth tones and a continuous blending of interiors with exteriors

Kansas Aviation Museum (http://kansasaviationmuseum.org/)

Mission statement: To preserve the birth and living heritage of Kansas aviation, educate the world on the past, present and future of flight, and promote the Spirit of Flight in the Air Capital of the World.

Great Plains Transportation Museum (http://www.gptm.us/)

The mission of the Great Plains Transportation Museum is to preserve and convey the unique history of railroading in the Great Plains through acquisition, restoration, research, exhibition, and education

Cosmosphere (http://cosmo.org/)

Since its humble beginnings in 1962, visitors from across the globe have come to Hutchinson to discover the inspiration that can only be found at the Cosmosphere.   Located one hour northwest of Wichita in Hutchinson, KS.

Strataca (http://underkansas.org/)

Kansas underground salt mine museum located one hour drive northwest of Wichita in Hutchinson, KS.